mercredi 23 novembre 2016

About: My Favorite Music

My Favorite Music

  •        My favorite music is Rap , I find that Rap is the best of all music genres , because  it contains a really big number of meanings , a rapper can include a lot of meanings in one sentens  ,when i listen to rap i feel fliying into an other univers , it makesme think about Something i never thought before , specialy 2-pac's Rap , 2-Pac is the legend of all rappers , he is and he stays always the best even if he didn't live much but he left his print in Rap history ,  2-Pac Shakur is a black américan rapper , he was born the 16th  June 1971, he got killed in 1996, i also listen to frensh rap a lot , it has too a lot to say , i often listen to Lacrim , Jul , Karis , all these rappers are ranked in the top 10 rappers of France , but my favorite frensh rapper is Lacrim because he is the king of frensh rappers , he got the prise of the best rapper in France 3 times , but unfourtunatly he is in the jail right now , I may listen so some pop sometimes but it rarely happens because it happens only if i hear it on the radio or the tv.

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