mercredi 28 septembre 2016

  • Hello, I am Mounir Boulifa , i was born in Agadir but i live with my familly in Tangier, my favorite color is blue because it's the color of most thinks i like , like the sea or the sky but the most think i like and its color is blue is Tangier's soccer team , i always go to the staduim to watch their games against other teams with my friends and some times with my father . Well, i don't like only watching soccer , i also play it , i can't live without playing soccer because if i don't i feel that some think very important is missing ,that was a litle idea about what i like .
  • Tangier is one of the most beautiful and big cities in Morocco , it has a view on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranian sea and it's Africa's door because it's the closest city to Europe with a only a distance of 14 km , to live in Tangier is really good and i'm proud of living here because since ever Tangier was very important.Our religion in Morocco is Islam so our culture was token from Islam like traditional clothes and ُcelebrations like Eid.
  • I like Tangier as it is but only two thinks must change ,which is schools and hospitals , thats the only two thinks i want them to change in my city .