samedi 11 février 2017

My Crazy Dream

          When i was a child , i've dreamt like evry kid to become an astronaute, and visit all the univers , but after a while , my dream has changed, so i started dreaming to be a very famous Professional football player, and play in front of thousounds of fans and veiwers , also to play in huge staduims in all over the world, and of cource to earn a lot of money to buy super cars, maybe some very expensive waches and clothes , but there is almost no chances for that dream to become true in where i live, it's very hard to say it but this is the reality , it may becomes true , but i  absolutely must be the most lucky man in the world, however now i decided to study hard, perhaps to achieve a hight level of studies, like a PHD in cars Engineering , but after all i will stay in love with football all my life , it's my passion to play it with my friends .